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Super SpartaDOS Cartridges Pre-order


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Hi Everyone,


The day has finally arrived. I am ready to announce the pre-order option for the Super SpartaDOS cartridges.


I am trying something a little different than before. This time I will have my website track orders and addresses and such. That means you will have to create an account on my site if you have not already done so. Sorry. ;-) But like before if the sold number doesn't reach the make mark(25 of 50), I will refund all monies. I will give the order window 30 days. That should be enough.


Ordering will go live at 7am CST this Sunday Dec 13, 2015.


A maximium of two per version per order will be allowed to give the most people ability to purchase.


ABBUC Members:

I have added the option to reserve copies. Please only use that if you are a ABBUC member. This allows me time to confirm your active membership and add in the discount without you losing your order. It is good for 1 week time. Please do not complete your order until you receive notice from me to do so.


There is a contact tab on both product pages. If you have any questions please use that email address and put 'SpartaDOS Pre-order' in the subject line. I will answer as soon as possible.


For those in Europe shipping will come directly from Panos to save some on your shipping costs. Take note of the shipping options in your cart and do not use the USPS ones.

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Tin contacts on the production version?





Production will be ENIG


Electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) is a type of surface plating used for printed circuit boards. It consists of an electroless nickel plating covered with a thin layer of immersion gold, which protects the nickel from oxidation.

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Hello all,


Is this cart different than what is already in the Ultimate 1MB?


I understand the Ultimate 1MB also has upto four slots that you can program for various program software as well as an RTC option. It's a case of apples and oranges.


This cart gives you an RTC and the ability to physically swap an external cart for another along with SpartaDOS capability. It is also easily moved from one Atari machine to another, unlike the Ultimate 1MB, since it is self-contained. ;-)

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ABBUC members:


I have removed the reserved option from the website. The plugin I was using was not working as advertised and creating more problems than it was solving.


Going forward you will need to email me at admin@bitsofthepast.com


I will need your ABBUC membership id#, email address and what you are wanting to purchase.


I will send you an emailed cart when I can confirm with Wolfgang your membership. So far he has been very quick in responding to my requests to confirm membership. Thank you Wolfgang.

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Quick question, how easy is the cartridge to take apart (re: it not liking atari carts on top). Just a screw? I'd prefer to have the cart for general protection of the PCB but if it's going to be a pit of a pain to take apart I'll just go with the pcb.


If you have the original SpartaDOS cartridge shell then buying the pcb is better. Pop open your SpartaDOS cartridge, pull out the original pcb and then insert the new version. Snap the two halves together and go.


A screw will be used to secure the halves of the KM-20. I think Panos is also looking at using a glue, not cement, but glue on the sides of the cart to provide that extra stability for the connector. You will be able to separate the two halves, but it won't be as easy. :(

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Current Status Update:


Paid for


SuperSpartaDOS Cartridge 13 (12 more paid needed to make)

SuperSpartaDOS PCB 4 (21 more paid needed to make :( )




Ermmm... technically you have 17 of the PCB's not 4, since the 13 cartridges are going to be using the PCB's and not imagination, correct?

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But when you're already creating a shell, why not create the shell the same size as the SDX cart so you only have one PCB to worry about?

The cart shell matter is a long-running saga of compromises and disappointed 1200XL owners. :) The commonly available European cart shells bear little resemblance to the Atari/AtariMax shells, but there's simply no affordable alternative at the moment.

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But when you're already creating a shell, why not create the shell the same size as the SDX cart so you only have one PCB to worry about?



I am not creating a new shell here, just modifying an existing one for this use.


In the future I hope to create a 3d printable shell that would have the same look and feel as the original. I am still learning the ins and outs of 3d solid modaling. But right now there is no economical way for me to mass produce the shell short of making it available on shapeway etc. Hardly a one stop shop solution and given the size of plastic needed not very inexpensive either. :(

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