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Suncom's Party Quiz - How did the controllers work?


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I saw a few Party Quiz disks in my collection ,and remembered the game, and its unique 4 button controllers. I'm wondering though, how did those controllers work? Simply using joysticks in their place doesn't seem to work, so am wondering if it is using some sort of scanning technique similar to the Atari Keypad controllers?


Anyone know? I don't have the controllers anymore, so I can't verify.



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I knew they were here somewhere...


There are only two wires going to each controller. Inside is a PC board with a simple resistance strip tapped in four spots, and a piece of foam rubber (!) to provide spring action:



Here are the measured resistances, and PADDLE(0) values returned for each button:


1 610Ω 1

2 18.4KΩ 8

3 40.7KΩ 17

4 65.4KΩ 27

(none) 88.8KΩ 37


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