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All I want for ChrisTImas...or all I can afford anyway


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1. TI Logo Cartridge (the original 99/4 version, not Logo II).


The manual would be nice, but it will double or triple shipping fees, and the Cart Manuals archive has a decent scan, so unless you live near the Canadian border, I'd be happy just to get the cart.


2. Scott Foresman's Star Maze (white label)


Can't afford the one on ebay - it's only $51 US (not outrageous for sealed), but at the current exchange rate that works out to $110 CAD shipped (gotta love ebay's global shipping brokerage fees - adds $15 bucks to this one, even though duty and taxes are not applicable on vintage software under NAFTA)


I'd love to find this with a manual (original color illustration, not the latter-day generic White Foresman cover with label), and this time it wouldn't effect shipping at all, but again it's not a deal breaker.




If some kind soul has these in their 'dispensable' collections, you'd let me put something under tree that I WANT! (To supplement the annual supply of socks, underwear and re-giftables - since no one who's list I've made it onto is going to contribute to what they call my « useless addiction »)




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