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Chaotic Grill (BurgerTime remake) in progress


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ChaoticGrill is an attempt to bring a new version of the arcade classic BurgerTime to the Atari 2600.  (Sorry, not 2600+ compatible)

With a grill in the midst of chaos, you control Pete the chef to build burgers for eagerly awaiting customers. Sounds like an easy job, right? Well it would be if it weren't for some other pesky ingredients trying to interfere with your burger assembly line. It's chaos on the grill. But you can manage, right?

To play, navigate your chef around the kitchen and knock down pieces to build your burgers while avoiding the hot dogs, pickles and eggs. You can use the FIRE button to spray pepper on the enemies. Knock down all the pieces to complete a level and move on to the next one.

JOYSTICK - Move player around
FIRE BUTTON - Spray pepper (also start game)
SELECT - Enter level editor (during game)

RESET - Reset to title screen,  return to game from level editor
RIGHT DIFFICULTY - Turn on/off music



splendidnut - programming, sound

NostAlgae37 - graphics

Kurt_Woloch - misc (some logic, some music / sound tweaks)


Latest Version (as of March 4, 2024)



Chaotic Grill - Level Editor - 20240303.txt



Earlier version (as of August 18, 2019)....




NOTE:  DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THESE FILES.  If you want to share, please link to this thread instead.  Thanks!


------ Original Message ----



Here is my first demo of the BurgerTime remake I am creating. There's not much here, mainly just a graphics demo that lets you move the Chef around the level. But it's a start right? :)


I've opened up the source code for this project to the community. You can read a little bit about that on my blog:



Oh... if anybody wants to give input on the name... I'm torn between calling this project ChaosGriller or ChaoticGrill. But I am open to other suggestions.


I've attached the ROM below.


Hope you enjoy :)






chaoticGrill-2019-07-05--PAL60.bin chaoticGrill-2019-07-05--NTSC.bin




chaoticGrill_NTSC_20221113.bin chaoticGrill_PAL60_20221113.bin

chaoticGrill_NTSC_20221127.bin chaoticGrill_PAL60_20221127.bin

chaoticGrill_20221128_NTSC.bin chaoticGrill_20221128_PAL60.bin

chaoticGrill_20221129_NTSC.bin chaoticGrill_20221129_PAL60.bin

chaoticGrill-20240303_NTSC.bin chaoticGrill-20240303_PAL60.bin

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Looking good, nice to actually see Mr. Hot Dog looking better. :D


Surprisingly, I think that might be an untouched version from the original game... displayed in full-resolution glory.




Just got more than 2 seconds to play and I really like the response of the controls. :) The Sped of Chef is really great, I agree. The only thing that trips me up is the small sweet spot when you come off the ladder to a platform. But I'm sure that's on your todo list. :)


Yes... definitely on the todo list to fix the movement issue.

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Thank you for not using basic.


Is that a challenge? Should I make it awesome in bBasic too? :)


In all seriousness, the basic language has always been a double-edge sword due to the relatively low barrier to entry. But to cut right to the chase... it really shows how good a programmer really is. There are people here who have done awesome things with it. I myself prefer assembly language... it's part of the fun of programming for the Atari 2600.



Back on topic... I should have a graphics demo update soon for BurgerTime. :)

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