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Sorry about the lack of updates; I got distracted by a trail of other things: acquiring an Atari 5200 and games, working on the house, dealing with fleas in the basement, etc. Basically real life really snuck up on me and turned my attention towards other things. So I've decided to open up the project to the community for those who wish to collaborate and hopefully help drive this project to be completed sooner. :)

So how can you help? I could really use help on the game logic... I know this project is in assembly language... but if someone could create a crude demo of the game in Batari Basic that implemented the actual game logic, it would give me something to work off of.

There are definitely other areas (music, character graphics, etc.) that I could use help in too.

One of the big reasons I want to open up this project is incase there is someone out there more motivated than me to drive the project home sooner :)

I just recently switched it from using DPC to DPC+ because I have some ideas on how to harness the more advance features to take care of some of the issues I'm having now with not having enough cycles while drawing to really make the playfield usable.

Oh... if anybody wants to give input on the name... I'm torn between calling this project ChaosGriller or ChaoticGrill.

Sorry if this seems like just a quick update, but I really wanted to just get this out there.

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