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Preventing battery drain while off


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I have long been an observer, but I am now finally joining to contribute, so hello world!


My question revolves around something I read on another thread. Essentially, it was that even while turned off the design of the lynx's power regulator means that the lynx still drains the batteries unless you remove one. My question revolves around the fact I notice (at least in the case of the lynx 2 I own) that the unit does not power on without a cartridge inserted. Since as I understand it, the lynx is in a perpetual "standby mode", but does not respond without a cart, is that high enough in the circuitry that the regulator does not run without a cart inserted, or is it just necessary in closing the switching circuitry? If it still drains power without the cart inserted, does anyone know a workaround to this problem? I'm considering changing the power switch into a hard switch and disconnecting and reconnecting the batteries that way.


Thank you in advance!


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There are 2 pins on the cart that when inserted, it bridges 5v to the system and allows it to turn on. When the cart is not inserted, there is no power past the regulator circuit and Lynx will not power up. However there is a very little power leeching to the regulator circuit to provide the 5v regulated power to the power switch circuit.


When the cart is inserted, the power switch circuit, a collection of 4 inverter gates, will be powered on with 5v while watching for the ON button to be pressed. Leaving the cart in will drain the battery a bit quicker than leaving the cart out.


The batteries will be fine for a few weeks without the cart but do remove batteries if you will not play for more than a few weeks.

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