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Atari computer kiosk? please identify


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Oh ok. I should have a few 80s tvs floating around. And as for value I kinds figured on it being around 100 bucks. Is that about right?


I'd probably spring the $100 for such a the thing, so yeah - not out of the ballpark, even for someone casually interested in this kind of Atari stuff. No expert here on the completeness of the unit (may be missing parts/bezel, shelving, etc.) or real value, but some will *probably* say more, some might say less. Unlike the behemoths that are the 2600 and 400/800 Kiosks, its relatively small footprint should be more attractive to some...




(thought you were looking to sell - well, cool gift no matter the value!)

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NEC monitor, color composite, mono speaker only, 130XE, sometimes with an XF usually just store demo cart and a couple of joysticks.... That is what electronics boutique had set up....

Hess's department stores later re-purposed them with other Atari stuff on them

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Hello chas10e,


Do you have any idea what company & model on this old Ads Atari 800 with that CRT TV ?

I don't know exact make and model of that one ...


I do have a Montgomery Wards 13" TV with the buttons like that I was using for awhile






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