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Its being marketed by Colecovision - not RetroVGS. They are providing the guts but the CV folks have bought into the vision.

Actually you could not be more wrong lol. Don't believe the hype, it IS a rebranded RetroVGS, there is no CV folks, just new articles very wrongly implying that "COLECO IS BACK !" it is just a brand / IP - Suggest you check out THIS thread for what is really going on ;) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/235430-how-has-this-not-been-posted-yet-retro-vgs/page-174?do=findComment&comment=3393348

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A prototype in the making, according to their facebook https://www.facebook.com/RETROVGS/

"Hello everyone. You have all seen the announcement we will be branding our new console under the COLECO name. We are excited to be a part of the revitalization of a great American brand and are working hard to build a system that will live up to the reputation of the original company and their gaming products. Many have mentioned they are still awaiting actual prototype hardware and wondering what is inside COLECO Chameleon. As we've said before we have made great progress over the last two months, but are waiting until we have the prototype 100% buttoned up before going public so we avoid the issues from before, talking about things, making changes, etc. So please, continue being patient with us while we do what you all want, making and demonstrating a playable prototype. Once we have this, all will be revealed. And rest assured, it will be at a very inviting price point. Thanks again for all your support, comments and questions."

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I'm not in any way trying to insinuate that any person involved would do such a thing but can you imagine if they "borrowed" or "stole" someone else's work for the actual motherboard? I don't wish failure on many projects but that would seriously be the rotten cherry on this catastrophe sundae.

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I like their passion and drive, but the original RetroVGS was hampered with so much controversy that I don't see it being a good idea anymore. Logistics of using cartridges in modern times is already troublesome, but dusting off the old Coleco branding and putting it on the thing isn't really helping their case.


Still, interested to see if this will become anything substantial or not.

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