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PSX keeps spinning the disc, but nothing else happens


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I just got a PlayStation 1 today from GameStop, and it simply refuses to work. The normal SCE logo pops up, and then I hear it trying to read the disc. Then, the noise stops, but then it starts up again, with almost the exact same sound as before.I try this with every disc I got, and none are read. Certain times, depending on the position of the laser, it won't do anything from startup but make an obnoxious high pitched noise; no logo, nothing. It does open the normal menu when it can't read the disc, but then it tries to read it again for however long I let it. I have a model with only the A/V, parallel, serial, and power ports. I've fixed a Saturn by slowly moving the laser up and down which recalibrated it, but that technique doesn't work here. Can someone please help, or is it dead?

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