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Wishing for New Intellivision Productions Merchandise

First Spear

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The selection of IP-branded stuff for sale on the website always seems thin. Stuff that has mass appeal seems to exist for a short time and then it's gone. Come on, I got gifts to buy, people! :)


The Running Man is iconic. My favorite t-shirts are the black one with the purple RM and the deep gray/blue with the RM in a circle. Perfect. And it can't be had anymore.


A fitted baseball cap with just the RM on it would be cool also, solid color on solid color.


A polo shirt with the RM embroidered in high-quality fabric would be really cool.


For any major sports event, a limited run of shirts related to the event... Like for the Superbowl, having the Super Pro Football variant of RM with the team colors and something alluding to the game or a team that's in it.

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I just ordered the LED running man shirt, a guy was wearing one at an Expo last year and it looked so cool. ;-)


I as well would love a polo shirt with something, and even more a hat or many hats with Intellivision logos on them.That would be my wish list.


I wear a hat on most days to cover what my friend says is my baloney head....bald circle in the back!


I have been very fortunate with Intellivision Productions over the years, and have picked up what they sell as it becomes available. No problems, no complaints.


Great stuff!!! :thumbsup:

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I pitched them the idea of a green baseball shirt with the field graphic years ago. That's iconic too!


I'm still rockin my Astrosmash shirt years later!

I still have my Astrosmash shirt and the Baseball and Football ones that were created because of your leagues. Thank you Tacrec! Happy Holidays to all, Wolfy

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