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Lulu: Russ Wetmore's unfinished game


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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:


Russ Wetmore's unfinished Atari 8-bit game, Lulu.

"It’s the last game I worked on before quitting the Atari 800. Lulu was a dancing elephant in the jungle trying to fill up dry ponds for the other animals while other animals tried to take her out. The game was only so-so, but the music was pretty good if I do say so myself. My agent and I had a falling out, and then nobody wanted to talk about publishing the game, so I stopped working on it."
Russ wrote this in 1984, but it was not made available until today. He does not have the source code — in fact, he was amazed that he even had the demo disk.



My interview with Russ will be published very soon in the ANTIC podcast. But I couldn't wait to share this.




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Wow Kevin,



2015 was a major impact to the community with many, many gifts before the 24th this month. And now, you came again(!) with a:


"One more thing...."


What about making a year holiday, because your have done so much this year. ;-)


Really great, thank you so much. We are deeply in your obligation, again!

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Yes indeed, I still play Juimpman, Spelunker, Bruce Lee etc etc not because they are games I used to play but because they are bloody good games, I get the same enjoyment factor out of these games that I do from stuff on the 360 and PS4 as does my daughter..


1K or 50GB, its the playability that counts..

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