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E-Type, Fandal and my christmas gift...


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Merry Christmas!




Hints: Don't play this as race and try to be the fastest - 'collecting' police men to extend time and avoid collisions is much more important to get miles & points!







Edit: Requires 128k/130XE. Please note: START starts a 3rd person view game, SELECT a 1st person one.

I'm quite sure Fandal will tell something about the development in his Blog soon. Project started more than one year ago.

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From the limited playtime I had - it's got impressive speed for a conversion especially considering the original is a 2 MHz machine without cycle-steals which puts you behind the 8-ball to begin with.


The title graphics and music is a really nice touch too.

E-type... one of the few road cars that lends well to the flat GTIA mode pixels.

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Thanks for the applaud! We appreciate that!

As guessed, Fandal made the effort to tell something about the production & game play in his blog:




(Google translate to english:




Like in the past, I enjoyed the collaboration with him very much - so further projects are imaginable...


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Thanks for this Atari present :thumbsup:

Very hard to see anything with the car on (Start) but better with the in car view (Select). The hills are really nice, hope we can get a Super Hang-On game one day.


Only had a quick session: If the visibility on E-Type could be improved, either more road height or more differentiation of the obstacles and cars from the scenery it would be pretty good. Perhaps the movement could do with more resistance. Almost impossible to check your speed so digital readout might improve this too :-D


Lots to read on the blog :thumbsup:

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Very hard to see anything with the car on (Start) but better with the in car view (Select).


Yes, I thought so too - and the reviewer here: http://www.acornelectron.co.uk/videos/electron/4thdimension/Etype_000.htmlhad the same problem.

So I convinced/persuaded Fandal to introduce the 1st person mode - which he thankfully made possible (beside other strange suggestions I made ;) ).

IMHO it's much better than the BBC original now.

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