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WIP : Nitrous


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I was thinking about the headlight thing, it might be too late in development now to switch to cry stuff and I'm also not sure on the size of work changing over to that. Would be an interesting thing to tinker with though.

There is the "varmod" video option bit which able to use both rgb and cry objects ( with rmw bit ) at the same time... just an idea.


By the way your work on this game is very very impressive !!!!

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I would love to buy an "in game Billboard"..... I call dibs if you decide to sell any cyber-signage! :-D


Also, I always read the name of this game as "Notrun" instead of "Not Outrun".

It gets me every time and I don't know why....

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I know, but I'm sure CJ could help you optimise whatever you wanted to achieve.


There are already multiple new features in RAPTOR that were implemented to get the speed to this point with rB+ .... I think Sporadic is pushing the limits of what can be achieved with compiled basic here without a total re-write of the game engine.


All the new stuff will filter down to the general API release in time :)

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Here's an update;

New additions in this version are;

- Car Collisions.

- Roadworks/Cutouts to dodge. (Other vehicles try and avoid them too).

- Trucks/Lorries.

- Overtake sound pitch varies.

- Player crash animation (WIP) and restart cycle.

- Moved around storage to create more ram space for future scenery.

- Timer causes game over at 0.

This is the version that will be available to try at PRGE thanks to Albert.

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Thanks for the kind words guys :)


Still lots of things on the list to add in but it's getting there!


It's at the point now where the gameplay itself is taking shape, which is really exciting having been focused on the engine for so long (rewriting core parts of it on multiple occasions).

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WOWZERS!. This looks to me like you are currently making the best game for the system. I have been following this from the beginning and it looks amazing. So many arcade racers don't nail the speed factor which of course is also obviously the fun. It looks like you've smacked it directly on the head. I cannot wait to see this finished.


Not that it's essential but will there be an engine note?


keep up this incredible work.

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