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Atari MAME/EMU Label contest


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Hey! Let's have some fun!!


TL;DR... sorry! :)


About 2 months ago I bought my son a barebones mini PC with all the necessary parts. Turns out he repaired his tower so he didn't need it after all. I decided at that point I would keep it but wasn't sure what to do with yet another system (I alone have 6 in the house already).


I had a NESputer for a long time - I bought it from Lastcallhall in Oct 2011. It JUST went the way of the dinosaur after serving me for four years. :) Although I loved the PC in a Nintendo I didn't want to do the same thing again. I remembered reading about the 2600 PC and thought that would be worth a shot!


So here's what I am doing: I am taking an Atari 2600 shell and putting a PC in it. It's that simple. Hopefully it's that easy. ;)


Here's my list of parts if anyone is interested:

Intel Core i5 Mini ITX case

Samsung EVO 250GB SSD

Seagate 500GB 7200 RPM 6GB/s Data drive

Kingston 4GB PC3-12800 RAM (for a total of 8GB)

4.7in x 0.5in case fans (x2)

Atari 2600 shell WITH speaker hole cutouts as seen here (for airflow)

Windows 7 Home Premium


I plan on leaving the Atari 2600 as intact as possible aesthetically. So the power switch will be the momentary contact switch from RESET or GAME SELECT. I am leaving all switches showing - unlike the 2600 project from Hard Drives Northwest. (Don't read anything into that. The PC they made is AWESOME! I do NOT think I can do better but I'm going to try it my way. :) )


I am also going to try and leave the physical cartridge port intact. That means I need a game "plugged in" to play!


Here's where you all come in - I want a main label and end label designed for the cartridge. MAME or multi-emulator theme would be great but it needs to be in the style of the 2600. I will let this kick around a few weeks so people can bounce their design ideas off of each other and help each other out as well.


I will choose the final winning label. I am thinking January 22nd at 18:00 EST. *** see end of posting ***


What's in it for you? Well let's see... I have two prizes in mind and the winner can choose:


1) A Standard copy of Exploding Kittens (New and still sealed)


2) A copy of Dungeon Roll (New and still sealed)


3) Something I haven't thought of yet. :)


Albert has graciously volunteered to print the label and donate the IMMENSELY ULTRA SUPER ELECTRIFYINGLY common cart for the label to adhere to forever. :) Thank you sir!


*** NOTE: January 22nd was chosen for two reasons -

1) It's my birthday!

2) I am having major oral surgery on December 30th. I may be out of commission for a week or two after that. DO NOT BE ALARMED IF I GO SILENT. This is why. This will also give me something to read while I recover. :)

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Butchering up VCS consoles doesn't go over all that well on this site. And that 2600 pc is so poorly done..


I have been a collector since 1981. I have put a lot of time, contributions and effort into this hobby for many years. I would not destroy any working, functional consoles that work for any system line.

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