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This is the first time I played anything from Colecovision. I got a Colecovision Flashback console for Christmas, just one of my many presents. I also got a smart phone, so now I can text. I doubt I'll be using the thing much, but that's another story. So the main thing is I suck at Colecovision games. I can't play Jumpman since the white balls are apparently homing missiles. Princess Quest kept making monsters swarm around me with no way to kill them. I like the Intellivision much better. I also got a Snoopy Giant PEZ dispenser, which brings the total to 4. I knew I was going to get it since my mom asked me if I already had it. Also, a bacon 2016 calendar, a DVD player (not a fancy one, a cheap one, like I wanted), a few books, and a few other things. I went over to my sister's house, which was chaos as usual with her kids. Mom and I went to pick up Dad and we took him over there with us and then dropped him back when we were done. I DIDN'T GET THE BANANA BOOK I ASKED FOR. I guess I'll have to order it online, barf. Me, I'm just glad it's all over with. I just wish there was a way to just get the presents without having to go through the ordeal of going over there and then driving back here. I'm just grumpy because I'm sleepy. I didn't go to sleep because I was working on a game last night and I had to stay up to go over to my sister's house for Christmas. So now I can go to sleep, knowing I suck at the Colecovision.

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