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Coleco Chameleon .... hardware speculations?


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Cardillo: What's this stuff?


Mr. Lee: Some cereal. It's suppose to be good for you.


Cardillo: Did you try it?


Mr. Lee: I'm not gonna try it. You try it.


Cardillo: I'm not gonna try it.


Mr. Lee: Let's get Mike K!


Cardillo: Yeah!


Mr. Lee: He won't eat it. He hates everything.


Mr. Lee: He likes it! Hey, Mike K!


There are two kinds of Chameleon cereals to please all kinds of kids. Regular Chameleon and Cinnamon Limited Edition Chameleon.

Make Chameleon cereals part of your *nutritious breakfast.



*Chameleon cereals are only part of a nutritious breakfast and should be ate with other foods because they have no nutritional value. Eat in well ventilated areas and check your smoke detectors regularly. May contain lead. Common side effects are similar to those of crack cocaine. Does not contain crack cocaine. Wait to see how Chameleon cereals affects you before attempting to drive or operate heavy machinery. Use at your own risk. Not recommended for children under the age of 21.


Sligtly tipsy right now; didn't read the hole joke but I assumed it was funny so I gave you a thunbs up! :thumbsup:

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So, just for fun I thought that If I were MK, now would be a great time to make a comeback. Because he could retool his story and try to focus all the blame on Coleco now.


Now mind you this is all just fantasy but I should imagine Something along the lines of


They approached us after the RVGS.


We weren't planning on being at the toy fare but, they demanded it.


We knew we weren't ready but they were like, just stick a SNES in one of your console shells, just for the show so we'll have something with games on it. No one there is going to know any different. We just need something for show. I didn't want to but, didn't want to risk the deal. I should have listened to my gut.


They wanted some shells to do their own promotional photos with, so I gave them some.


MR Lee was the guy they picked out to help me with the hardware, and he made the prototype SNEZUAR, and I knew it was shit but my hands were tied because I wasn't allowed to talk about it.


They wouldn't let me do the Kickstarter because they were afraid that if it failed it would make them look bad. Though I didn't know at the time they decided if there wasn't a market for it they were planning on painting me as the bad guy so they could look better when the shut down the project.



They wanted to control the situation and demanded I turn over moderation of our Facebook to one of their guys. That's how the photos of the 2nd prototype came about, from that and the shells I gave them. I never owned a video capture card.


I mean, you can see by how Coleco is acting, that clearly I was being used and abused.

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