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Pi into flashback 1 case


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Hi guys!


So, I ended up getting a flashback one for Xmas (basically a friend knew I loved Atari), so now I have two of them. And I also have a raspberry pi B+ (already loaded up with Retropie) just lying around since I upgraded to the pi2 when they came out. So, obviously you see where Im going with this! Has anyone done this already and kept the power and reset buttons functioning and also was able to use the FB1 controllers? Its always nice when someone else has already done it and can tell me what to expect and point me in the right direction!


Thanks for any and all help!





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I'm actually doing this with two of them, making consoles (Atari 5200 and Atari 7800, as the FB1 sort of resemble both of them).

The only problem, is there are no good emulators for either of those consoles for the Raspberry Pi. :(


One thing, in order to get them to fit and keep the power board, you'll have to take off the Ethernet port and the composite connector (It didn't matter to me, as I plan on using wireless and HDMI).

I'll get pics when I get home. :)


BTW, I have not gone any farther with my two projects because of the lack of the afore mentioned good emulators for those consoles. But they are sitting in a closet waiting for the right time :)



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Thanks Bob! Id definitely appreciate pics of what you have done so far. Im sure its going to be much better than anything Ill do! :-) Im thinking about trying to mount some small switches under the buttons and get rid of the bar there... have a few ideas anyways.

And yeah, 7800 emulation is just kind of OK. Good enough to keep me going until the H2 comes out anyways. And 5200 emulation is just very difficult to make to make work properly, ive never had any luck with that, but I mostly just play the 800 version of things anyway.

Has anyone gotten MESS to work on the pi yet? I know MAME works pretty well.


Thanks for taking the time to respond!



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