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Wireless PCI Card for Older PCs?


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I suppose it depends on which card it is, if there are drivers for it. If I recall correctly, 98SE can use both older VxD drivers and newer WDM drivers, so you might have better luck. There also is 32-bit extender software which allows some newer programs to run, but I suppose it doesn't affect the selection of drivers.


Otherwise, perhaps you can use an external access point to get from RJ45 to Wi-Fi?

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Its kind of hard to find wifi adapters with even windows 2000 drivers, but if you find one with 98 drivers it will work fine, we had wifi back then, it just wasnt everywhere


what I end up using most of the time is a wired card with a wifi bridge

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What you really need is what's called a "wireless bridge."






Basically, you plug it into a normal computer, configure it, and then it's always connected to the network when it's powered, and any RJ45 port you connect it to will immediately have a bridge to your wireless router. This allows you to basically connect to the network ANY device that has a physical Ethernet port.


Oh yeah, as an FYI, when it's not being programmed on a newer computer, the USB connector serves as the power port, so you'll need a USB cable extender, and an AC adaptor from like a phone or something (that allows you to plug in a USB into the outlet).

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