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Blueray? NOPE!


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Not sure why one would ignore Blu-Ray because of this, unless of course you're in a situation like the original poster's brother is.


The updates are innocent enough and if you're online anyways like so many PS3's are, completely non-invasive. They only happen if the manufacturer upgrades the firmware of your player. Discs will eventually require that firmware upgrade as a way to force updates.


If you're an offline fan, I suppose a player without much in the way of manufacturer support is the way to go. The industrial consortium that controls the format, the Blu-Ray Disc Association, doesn't force obsolescence such as requiring that discs mandate that Player X have a firmware revision of version 1.5 or greater, when the manufacturer ceased updates after v1.4. That indeed would be complaint worthy and a reason to consider ignoring the format if that nonsense went on.


If one is worried about the end of support for the PS3 one day, just update during the final days of the Playstation Network hopefully years down the road. PS3's don't throw this error just because you've been offline a certain amount of time. They throw it out because you're on old firmware. Just make sure when that day comes that you have the latest updates on your PS3 consoles, and then you're good to go.


Blu-Ray discs after that date won't require a PS3 firmware upgrade that never was issued.

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