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Selling Rare Video Game Soundtracks and other Music CDs


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Unfortunately due to current personally financial issues, I am forced to now get rid of my collection of rare and not rare video game soundtracks as well as some of my other music CDs which I have had some of these for over 15 years...


Anyways if you are interested, here is the links to my Amazon store and Ebay Store:



Ebay Store






Amazon.com Store






I could not post all of my CDs on Ebay due to the limit it puts on new accounts so I am attaching zip files showing the CDs I could not post on Ebay. All sales of these CDs will be done through Ebay as I will empty up one CD for another as per requests placed on here.


Game CDs.zip

Game CDs 2.zip

Game CDs 3.zip

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Holy cow, I had no idea MarioRPG soundtrack was so expensive! :o


Good luck with your sales :thumbsup:

That is what I thought when I first bought it. There seems to be only a couple of copies left floating around in Japan. I bought mine at 470 so I am actually losing money.


Anyways thanks for the luck. I will probably need it. ;) .

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