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Atari 2600 Vader Console Composite Video Audio Mod **$90 Shipped**


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Why are there only two RCA jacks? Shouldn't there also be a white one?


Most standard 2600 A/V mods use only mono output. Back when mono was common - you'd only have one plug because there was only one channel. Bradd1978 probably just prefers it that way. Which is totally fine if you think about it. Even though I only wire Mono audio to Atari 2600's (unless a customer requests that I do the True Stereo mod), I wire two A/V jacks in series. Because on most TV's, if you only have one wire plugged in - you only get audio from one speaker (if it's a stereo tv).


if you wanted dual mono (exactly the same as what having two jacks wired in series would be like) - just buy an RCA splitter.


Anyways, nice mod :) Very clean and professional.

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Why are there only two RCA jacks? Shouldn't there also be a white one?

The Atari only outputs mono audio. You can create dual mono with a second RCA jack. To be honest I actually didn't have any white jacks on hand when I modded this system.

Like Swampfox said, use a splitter and you'll achieve a dual mono "stereo" effect.

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