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Frogger Odyssey vs. Atari 2600


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I give a whole-hearted "yes", "yes" and "yes" again. Not just better than the 2600, but my favorite version of the game, period.


I primarily feel this way because it is the only version to do the most sensible thing when converting a vertically-oriented title to a home system: divide the halves into two separate screens. Also, I was shocked the O2 could do so well with the graphics. Though far from arcade-perfect, these flicker-free alligators and frogs are much better than most O2 graphics.


The only beef I have is the left-most lily pad is hard to get to. I always try to take that spot out first.


I usually find Parker Bros video games to be lacking, but they also did a stellar job on Q*Bert. And their unreleased Tutankham is my favorite game for the O2, original or homebrew. The one they seriously dropped the ball on is Popeye, which was so bad they just shouldn't have bothered.

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