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Need a game...


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I am going to be hopefully picking up an Intellivoice next week on payday and I am in need of a game... The one game I need, and can no longer live without, is World Championship Baseball.


Looking for CIB, but not necessarily minty. If you have a spare with a rough box or faded label or something that you wouldn't mind selling, please shoot me a PM.



Sometimes you just gotta play 9 innings of baseball at 3AM, man... What can I say... ;)

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My youngest son and I played a bunch of Major League Baseball and World Championship Baseball a couple of years ago. Both are fun to play. World Championship Baseball is the newer version and includes a one-player option, over running bases, sliding, repositioning players and other updated features. Both make the "YER OUT" voice that you hear in the video without the Intellivoice. You only need the base console.

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Yeah, there is a loose cart on ebay with manual for 7.94 with free shipping that joe Cody is selling.

Guess that price isn't too bad.

It seems this game has gone up in price...seems not long ago cib copies would go for under 20....apparently not anymore :(

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Isn't most of St Louis under water right now?

It's higher than I've seen it in many years. Not as bad as 1993, but lots of major highways had flooded areas and were closed in both directions. Mississippi and Meramec rivers are flooded and sitting high. River Des Peres, storm runoff in South St. Louis, is also pretty high and flooded the walking trail.


It's all good, though. I've been practicing White Water and Frogger ;-)

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Trade N Games (St Louis) has one too, but I'm not sure about shipping. They have some CIB Sears games for under $10 each too.


Yeah Jason from tradengames is great to deal with too ;)

I have many things from him!

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Alright, I know when to admit defeat...



I have been trying for two hours to get jzintv4Droid running on my phone so I can play this game on my Android. I have googled exec.bin and grom.bin and I have clicked a few links which were unsavory (thought I was DLing what I needed, but it ended up being some kind of spyware).


I have a .bin of this game, but I do not have the cfg and I cannot find a .rom



I think I am done trying to emulate outside of the SDK and the Christmas Carol 'wrap.'



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