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So something unknown in me made me decide to work on Game Gear programming last night. And then I went to sleep. The next morning, there was a dusting of snow on the ground. I had solved my Game Gear programming problem, but a new one arose: the timer. I tried programming for at least 2 hours until I got the thing right. I tested it on my real Game Gear and it works great. But that's not to say I'm done with it yet. I'm taking a break on it for today since I've worked so much on it today and it's not even noon. It doesn't feel like a Sunday, though.The snow is still on the ground and it's still below freezing. I think I know how to make a noise fruitfly hit for the Game Gear. I'll try it tomorrow. Do you think 9 seconds is long enough time to try to get a fly? If you don't the game ends. Should I put in a "game over" screen as well? I have plenty of room left to do stuff. I have 26,326 unused bytes, so even a big change shouldn't be a problem.

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