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Clock crystals - does package matter?


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no it doesnt matter, what may matter is the capacitance needed, so try to match up with what is there , though a mismatch may not cause a problem, it also may cause accuracy issues or it may just not work


as far as voltage I just looked at a few datasheets and no one really mentions it, so I dont think its a issue on any reasonable level that a crystal would be used in

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Well, the above answer is partially true. There are other factors.


One is, some larger packages tend to be more accurate than smaller packages. An example of this would be a HC-49 vs a HC-49/s, or a DIP 14 in comparison to a DIP 8 oscillator. And it isn't something that is immediately apparent. But, rather decays over time. This is typically outlined in the datasheets, as mentioned. But might not available for bulk generic crystals.


Another issue not seen in clock oscillators, but is seen in crystals is what type of cut they are. There are two types, Parallel and Series. And this is an entirely different mode of operation. And is very circuit defendant. I.e. Is the circuit designed for series or parallel operation? If simply using on, let's say, a microprocessor or microcontroller, chances are either will work. But if for use in a clock circuit where timing is critical, it won't work, or won't work properly. You also have issues where frequency is shifted due to use of the wrong type of cut. This could be as little as several hertz, to as much as several kHz. And depending on what it's being used for that is a minor or HUGE difference.


If you're not familiar with these subjects, you have a lot of reading to do. Crystal circuits are a dark art mastered by a very few individuals. There are indeed volumes of information that after reading the average guy isn't going to comprehend.

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