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New Game Development Idea


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I am thinking about working on coding (when I have time) a new game that's playable via serial connection whether it be modem or telnet.


I want to work on something simple at first to get the concept down and then we can use the main code as a primer if you will to develop other 2 player games.


I am thinking of maybe Checkers at first maybe a new version of Battleship or Risk eventually.


Even maybe 'Global Thermal Nuclear War'! :-D


Any other ideas?

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Assuming that you are using BASIC, you might want to consider learning from taking apart old basic games like the ones found:-






Byte magazine published a range of excellent programming books, I am sure you can find them on the web.


Also checkout the David Ahl ( the founder of Creative Computing magazine) game program books.










also:- http://www.atariarchives.org/

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