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STF compatibility with Gotek

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I did the mod to a Gotek using tonmann's info, but as specified, there are only two compatible versions of the floppy controller IC, and my 1040 didn't have one, it had an older WDC "00-02"


I read that one can now purchase the Lotharek firmware to put on a Gotek, but has anyone found whether the same issue of ST floppy controller IC version exists if this alternate firmware is used?


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I'm not a technical guy. Just giving my 5 cents.

I recently bought an Atari STF. I already had a Gotek USB with HxC running on my Amstrad CPC. So I used it on the STF and it works flawless. Replaced the floppy drive and using an external power supply so I can swap instantly to the Amstrad when I want.

I just copied over the correct firmware/boot files in the root of the USB and the STF instantly booted up with the file menu system of Hxc to choose your games from.

I did bought mine from Amigastore.eu (hehe) with HxC as option (not the Cortex firmware). I guess the Lothareks is the same.


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