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UK SNES graphics issue - Help!


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Hi there, first time poster, so apologies if Im in the wrong place for posting this....


I tried to set up my wife's SNES before Christmas to play some games with her, but I had this graphical issue:



This happens with all of our games, and doesnt change based on using the RF connector or the A/V one either. Ive also tried rubbing the contacts on the console with a piece of cardboard (its what I had to hand) and rubbing the contacts on the carts too.


Im just wondering what my next step would be, my wife loves her SNES, she has had a long time, and we dont want to have to throw it away.


Any help would be very much appreciated.



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Most likely it's either a bad PPU or RAM chip on the motherboard. If that's the case, it will just be easiest to get a new system, or rob a motherboard from another system that has a working motherboard but a trashed case. It 'might' just be an issue with the pin/cart connector though.

Here are some things to try and some troubleshooting questions:
- Thoroughly clean all your games. Use q-tips and isopropyl alcohol until the wet q-tips don't pick up any black grime.

- Test your games on a friend's system to make sure the games work properly.

- Do you hear the audio on the games? Any weird issues with the sound?
- Do the games play, or just sit there frozen on one screen?

- You, or someone familiar with small electronics, could reflow all the solder on the pin connector pins to make sure they are properly secured. Also, inspect the pin connector for anything that looks weird: bent pins, anything stuck in it (dirt/grime/hair), bad corrosion, etc.

Good luck!

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