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Brad Fuller has died


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Yea, I would hope that if we could take the money we put towards war and defense and divert it towards things that would better society. Of course, even things that appear bad initially have positive outcomes. Disease limits population and so far we only have one planet to populate and only so much food to feed that population. So, solve those issues first seem to be the top priority but the world seems more content solving this issues by just killing one another.

I'm just happy that our personal computers will become sentient at some point and solve the problems for use one way or another. ;-)

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I am really sorry to hear this. In many ways I think the 'sound' of the Atari is maybe even more fundamental to its legacy than gameplay or graphics. Brad's contribution to the enduring success of the A8's was considerable.


If only we could decide that curing cancer is an important goal we want to achieve and really put some money behind it. I wonder if the money spent just on the Iraq war might have been enough to get it done.


Cancer is just... Implacable. I have lost both grandfathers, a grandmother and my mother and father to cancer - my parents in the last 18 months alone. The problem is 'Cancer' isn't a specific disease but rather a bracket term to cover a number of conditions that all share a similar characteristic of unregulated cell growth. The experts would quite rightly point to the huge improvements that have been made in the last ten years and solid tumours are getting very, very survivable - even super-tough cases like the Pancreas. Still... You have to catch it early even now and you have to take advantage of modern science. What causes me to feel truly homicidal rage are the quacks. Thankfully it is illegal in Britain to openly market quack cancer cures - specifically thanks to the 'Cancer Act'. But other countries have absolutely obscene alternative medicine charlatans who make even more obscene amounts of money from the hopeless. I just cannot express how much these psychotic vultures enrage me, how low they must be. Still, that is another story.


I sympathize utterly with Brad Fuller's family. His work will genuinely live on and continues to bring happiness to many.

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