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Is it still possible to get a Jag CD box with the inserts?


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I've had my Jag CD for a few years now and my Jaguar for almost 10 years now (time flies!). When I bought my Jag CD, just got the unit itself but recently I wanted to get the box for the Jag CD, is it still possible to find one where when I do see one they wouldn't be asking a lot like they do on eBay? I was looking to get one to display it with the rest of my Jaguar collection.

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I'm pretty sure that anyone that knows what they have will make you pay what they think it's worth. I've got a bunch of boxes stored in my basement, and my wife keeps telling me I should throw them out. That's the kind of person you want to find with the Jaguar box. ;)

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No one wants to be a bad businessman today, or not be smart, and I think most Ebayers know the price image today, so local shops might be the right place to vacuum clean for things like that, add the rareness of the system and the add-on on top of that. I'd say the chances are slim, but I'm not old within the hobby but I think it's a fair description.

Chances are bigger it might pop up on Ebay for sure, but at a higher price. Then again grab it now since it will only become even more expensive in the future. Video games among others stuff are like investments in art but between regular people.

Wish you the best. Luck is a factor that is hard to rationalize so good luck.

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I'd buy a repro! I actually have a Jag CD box w inserts but its beaten to hell. I'd like a nice fresh new one but there is no way in hell I'm paying $100 for a box... Lol. Ten or $15 for a repro would be great though, for display purposes.

I'm with ya! I purchased one of the brand new Jag CD units that was new shrink wrapped with foam,all instructions etc but missing outer box from best.


For display I also would certainly purchase one. Not as good as the original, but better than nothing like I have now lol =)

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I would think getting a good reproduction in the correct size on sturdy card stock and shipped without damaging to cost more than $15

Yeah, I can't imagine getting a custom size cardboard box in small quantities would scale very well in terms of cost. Especially one with a similar end flap configuration like the Jag CD box, the average box has flaps that meet in the middle. Not to mention the cost of printing artwork onto it...assuming someone had already done a very high quality scan and cleaned the scan up in Photoshop. I can't see a way of doing this cheaply that won't look like garbage.

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