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Any official DPC+ documentation?


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Hey all,


Is there any official DPC+ documentation? Currently I'm working off of the DPC+ Demo posted here:



That is my sole resource for working in DPC+.


But after RevEng's response here:



It appears that I'm missing quite a bit.


Can anyone help with this?



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The documentation is in the DPCplus.h file, though it only lists value 255 for use with CALLFUNCTION. The values you can use are:

  • 0 = Parameter Pointer Reset
  • 1 = Copy from ROM to Display Data RAM
  • 2 = Fill chunk of Display Data RAM with a value
  • 254 = Call custom ARM code with 3 voice music support (like in Stay Frosty 2)
  • 255 = Call custom ARM code

only 255 is mentioned in DPCplus.h. There's additional posts in the DPC+ Demo topic that cover those, starting with reply #82.


If you're interested in using custom ARM code I have a blog series about that. The series isn't finished, but will get you started. I plan to resume it in the next month or two.

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Those links definitely help, but ultimately, it would be nice to have all that information in the same document. Granted it's understandable why it's not, being as this is the hobbyist arena, and most of us are using what little free time we have available to actually build things for the Atari. But it would be nice :)



Thank you SpiceWare. :)

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I'll update DPCplus.h when I do my next post in the DPC+ ARM series. I suspect it was missed because I haven't used the first 3 values for CALLFUNCTION, if you're using custom ARM code its better to implement those functions yourself.



I've added a note to do so in the text for the next blog entry.




I write up the blog entries for The Story of Stay Frosty 2 and DPC+ ARM development ahead of time on my computer because it takes a while to do them.


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