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Stanley Cup Playoffs contest - WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!


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Starting with next round, I am running a contest for the rest of the NHL playoffs. The contest is simply to give your predictions for the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals. Points will be awarded as follows:

Quarterfinals - 1 point

Semi- 2 points

Stanley Cup- 4 points



1. Once the first round is over, I will post all the matchups for the quarterfinals. Once I do that, you can start posting your predictions.


2. You can make edits up to when the puck drops at the start of the first Quarterfinal game. Any edits made after that and you will be disqualified.


3. Winner is whoever gets the most points. Tie breakers will be determined by the number of total goals scored during the Stanley Cup finals. Whoever comes closest to the total. (this is not like the price is right, you can go over the total). If still tied, winner drawn from a hat.


4. I am going to give an example post to show what I want your guesses to look like.


5. Winners get to choose between some really good stuff. Valued at around $20- $30


6. Contest is open to everyone.





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QF1. Ottawa vs Philadelphia - OTTAWA WINS

QF2. New Jersey vs Tampa Bay - NEW JERSEY WINS


QF3. Dallas vs Anaheim - ANAHEIM WINS

QF4. Vancouver vs Minnesota - MINNESOTA WINS


SF1. Ottawa vs New Jersey - NEW JERSEY WINS

SF2. Minnesota vs Anaheim - ANAHEIM WINS


SCF. New Jersey vs Anaheim



QF1 QF2 QF3 QF4 - SF1 SF2 - SC goals (points won/total possible)


1 superomni WINNER!!!!!!

O N d M - N d - N 29 (5 points/9 possible)


2 Ataridude - mathematically eliminated

O N d v - N d - N 42 (4 points/8 possible)


2 DaveAtari - OUT

O N d v - N d - d (4 points/4 possible)


4 shaggy - OUT

O t A M - o m - m 27 (3 points/3 possible)


5 devils advocate - OUT

O N d v - o v - v 37 (2 points/2 possible)


5 maiboc - OUT

p N A v - p v - p (2 points/2 possible)


7 Xot - OUT

p N d v - p d - p (1 point/1 possible)

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Oh..so I have to include the semi-finals based upon who I think will be playing or do I wait for each series to end first then put my picks. I was basing it on how the football ones were done.


You have to do it all now. Like the Final Four tournament trees.

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QF1 - Ottawa

QF2 - NJ  

QF3 - Dallas  

QF4 - Minnesota  

SF1 - NJ  

SF2 - Dallas  

SC - NJ  

Total goals - 29


We have a winner!!!! With 5 points out of a possible 9 points and no one able to catch up, superomni wins the contest.

To everyone else who participated, thank you and I hope you enjoyed the contest.

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Well I didn't get to win the contest but hopefully the NJ Devils win the cup like I hope. I used to live in NJ and remember what they were like the first few years. I even went to a few games.


Glad to see that they are doing so well after struggling all those years ago.

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i won my choice of a homebrew game. i choose gunfight. got the game a couple of days ago but haven't had a chance to try it out yet.


thanks bcprs1 for holding a great contest.


i hope NJ wins too. I lived in nj for a long time and have liked the devils since they moved to NJ.

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