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Does anyone else know about , or use this? It's REALLY good.


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There's a little web thing that lets you program a TI extended basic game or whatever, and output it as a file - it even lets you hear the tape sound it would make, presumably so you can record a proper actual cassette of your program.




Now, most of my programming is done with Classic99 , however, for the times when I have my Chromebook on me that can't run any desktop apps, I can use JS99er (which runs flawlessly on chromebook) along with the web page from niverlliringslikaren and rename the PROGRAM.BIN to just say PROGRAM,(example name) it will then work with JS99er when you route to it through the disk load options ... AND Classic99 uses the same file-type too. Win-Win.


Pretty nifty stuff.


I think it's truly awesome that we have these choices. Thanks to all involved with all of them!

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