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Lynx Resolution


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Hi folks,

Just a question regarding the Lynx resolution. I know the standard resolution is only 160x102, because of the LCD screen, but is the graphics chip capable of drawing at a higher resolution? I've read somewhere that the LCD used was due to cost, but if a better resolution was available then at the same price, could the stock Lynx hardware have dealt with it?

There's probably an obvious answer to this but I just thought I'd throw it out there.



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It is actually 480 not 160. But in an odd way, it is 160 horizontal red pixels, 160 horizontal green pixels, and 160 horizontal blue pixels. Creative programmer have taken advantage of this to get really small and clean looking font similar to how Clear Type works on Windows. If the LCD was mono, it would have been true 480x102


I don't know if Lynx can be intentionally programmed to have higher res that the stock LCD or if they are hard coded to 480x102.

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Maybe the LCD resolution is 480x102 (somehow), but as far as I know, there is no way to address the screen other than the 160x102 pixels as a programmer of the device, so the screen is effectively 160x102 only (but it would be great if you could abuse the hardware somehow to go beyond this...)


Resolution is one of the drawbacks of the Lynx, but I guess for a handheld of the time it wasn't that bad.


Developer Docs are here:


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