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PSOne Replacement Power Cable


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I recently acquired a PSOne for pretty cheap (Goodwill auction). It has a few scuffs but looks fine. Came with a controller too, but the analog sticks on it are... most definitely not good.

ANYWAYS! The PSOne didn't come with a power cable, but I found I randomly had an old PSP power cable. It's the same adapter piece, but the voltage is a bit different... It's only 5V, and everywhere I look says 7.5V.

I went ahead and tried it anyways though. It will power it on, but I don't get video. I'm assuming this is because it isn't enough voltage, but I want to make sure it's worth the effort...

Is powering it on with the low voltage:


1. Safe for the PSOne? (Or did I already bork it? -_-)

2. The fact it comes on a good sign for me to invest in a power cable?

3. The amperage looks to be enough (1500 mA), but the voltage is the issue?

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Thanks for the answer sir! I figured I would have to, but I thought it might be worth asking since I couldn't find an answer elsewhere.
Worst part of all this is... I think I actually had the right power cable at one point, but I tossed it some time ago because I wasn't sure what it belonged to.

I also now have a PSP charging cable that I have ZERO use for. lol

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