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atari2600land's Blog - Bananas are good on the Intellivision


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Since I just finished the Game Gear version, I thought I'd work on the Intellivision one as well. I thought it would be really neat to have a two player version, like the one in Frog Bog or something. But in order to do that, I needed to free up two sprites. I had 5 on the banana, two for the swatter, and one for the bug for 8 total. After about an hour, I whittled and changed the banana picture so IMO it doesn't look horrible, and I freed up two sprites. Next came another challenge: Making the code for the second swatter. I finally figured out a way so that the blue swatter is always player 1 and the green one is player 2. The way I had it was the green one was player 1 in the solo mode. That wouldn't be good. So I figured out how to change it. I also added a second four-digit score above the first one. Player 1's score is the upper one and player 2's is the lower one. In solo mode, player 1's is in the position the lower score would be and there is no upper score. I woke up this morning to find my Intellivision was on but there was no game inside it. I panicked. The cat must have walked on the power button. So I put in a copy of Triple Action. Nothing came on the screen a few times, then I blew on the cart and the title screen came up. Relief.

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