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TI Program Recorder Problems


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Hi All,


I'm new to the TI 99/4A world and I recently purchased a program recorder off of e-bay. Well, as luck would have it, it's a partial dud. It records and plays but the volume is so low (even with the volume control all the way up) the computer cannot read the data when I try to load it. I tried recording my own voice and its very low volume also. I tried cleaning the playback/record head and replacing some of the electrolytic capacitors on the board but that did no good. Without a schematic I'm really shooting in the dark here.


So I guess my question is, has anyone else run into this problem and if so what did you do to resolve it? Anyone have a schematic? Failing that anyone have a TI Program Recorder they'd consider parting with at a reasonable price?


Thanks in advance,



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Hello there.


This URL to click, will send you to evil-bay, and there's vintage recorders on here ... bare in mind they will need the MIC and EAR sockets but im sure most will have them - back when I had my TI-99 as a kid, we didn't have a Texas recorder it was a Realistic one, im certain .... they should work. There are some here for 20 pounds. There will be shipping costs involved but .... good luck!



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You may also have an issue with something partially obstructing the positioning of the tape head to read/write (or a weak felt/spring on the tape itself, especially if it is relatively old). The fact that it records/plays at all eliminates most everything else in the deck except for the amplification circuitry. I'd check the way the head moves and see if there is a problem there, but I'd really look at the tape itself first. . .it may have even lost the rectangular felt pad entirely.

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Thanks Ksarul for your assistance. I checked all the things you mentioned but it all seems fine. The head makes good contact with the tape, the tape itself is brand new but I looked it over anyway and its fine. I opened the machine back up and cleaned the switch on the circuit board that is engaged when it is recording but it didn't help. I could check some voltages on the board, but without a schematic I'm pretty much lost. So, I went ahead and bought another recorder off of e-pay. Here's hoping this one isn't a dud too.


Thanks everyone for the replies.

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