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Random Terrain's Tetraternarium - Perpetual Motion Dream


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I was walking around in the backyard of a place I lived in the dream and found a large stainless steel washer or gasket. The outside diameter was around 4 and a half inches and the inside diameter was about 4 inches. The thickness was about a half an inch. It kind of looked like one of the rings below, but it had straighter edges:


I started playing around with it and noticed that when I spun it on one of my fingers, if I tilted my finger at certain angle, the ring would keep spinning and never seem to slow down. I ran into the house to build a wooden setup that would let me easily adjust the angle. I figured if I could use a wooden 'finger' to replicate it, I could post the results online and other people could do the same thing. I woke up before I could finish making the wooden thingy.


Random Terrain

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