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We at the 2600 Connection are proud to sponsor a High Score Competition for the Odyssey2 / Videopac game CHIEF CHEF.

It's a contest! Post a picture of your high score. Highest score will win the grand prize.

The grand prize is a WILDLIFE! special edition cartridge w/ a special label.

Players can play with the real cartridge or may use an emulator. Either is fine.

The CHIEF CHEF ROM file ( CC16.BIN ) is now available for a free download. (for use in an emulator ). It is attached.

More details to come...

Good luck!

the CHIEF CHEF web site:


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Come on, people. Is anyone entering the contest? I have come up with a deadline to submit your scores.

Here's mine from this morning. 104. Can you beat it?

Come on, people... we're talking about a free special edition WILDLIFE! cartridge as the grand prize! It could be all yours...

I have decided to set a deadline on the contest: August 1, 2016

Come on, people. Start playing and post your scores!



thank you,


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What may help gain interest in this is if you described what's different with/posted pictures of the WILDLIFE! cartridge. I'd definitely play if I could get O2EM working properly.

I agree with you there. I'm gonna have to get some Emulator running to do this.

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I will try to take some pictures of the special WILDLIFE! cartridge with the special label once I have it in hand.


In the mean time, Klaus D. submitted a picture of his high score. 4766. He is in the lead. That is the score to beat...




good luck,



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I don't understand - if this was an April Fool's joke, how did you achieve this high score. Did you use photoshop with the picture and alter the score digits?

A sunday per month, I'm playing Videopac+, Odyssey2 games with friends. We always play on real hardware machine: Jopac, Odyssey2 & Odyssey3.
I've downloaded the CHIEF CHEF file on my Mateos Multigame cartridge.
I've plugged the Mateo cartridge into my Jopac without turn off the console and the score has appeared at 9274 ! I've took a pic !
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So here it appears Klaus D. and VPB have both admitted the truth: there is a "feature" where if you insert your CHIEF CHEF game cartridge into some models of various game systems, the game starts with a random high score.




So with these 2 individuals disqualified, that means that William C is now in the lead with a high score of 474.

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They didn't cheat. They discovered an "undocumented feature." The good thing is they came forward and were truthful.


As for the game, it is the best selling Odyssey2 game that I have sold since 2012. All 100 cartridges sold quickly in 2014.


More info about the game on the WILDLIFE! web site page:




So as for the prize: the game cartridge that will be awarded to the high score winner on August 1, 2016 ---


the label has not been designed yet. Once it is designed, I will post a picture. Other than a special label, everything else will be the same ... the same box and manual as the original release.





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You've given me an idea...


maybe what I could do is make the the game cartridge label to be a similar style as CONQUEST OF THE WORLD:


Gold background with the black artwork... Same for the manual and the box...





It would be a one of a kind...


What do you think?


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The idea for the gold label is not going to happen. It resembles the MASTER STRATEGY SERIES too closely...




Rafael Cardoso has been kind enough to program a special version of WILDLIFE! with a different aquarium maze.
The walls are green as well.
Take a look...




This will be the grand prize for the contest.

More information and updates on the contest on the CHIEF CHEF web page:


WilliamC is currently in the lead with a score of 474

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Unfortunately, I have decided to cancel the competition. I am sorry about this.

The cartridge, a special version of WILDLIFE! with a different aquarium maze, was going to be the grand prize. The cartridge will not be made.

Maybe another contest will be offered again in the future.

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