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Wanted: Feedback For Barnyard Blaster & Ikari Warriors


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I'm looking for feedback for the next episode of the Atari 7800 Game By Game Podcast (you can find it on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube or use this feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/78gbg )

What are your memories and/or thoughts on Barnyard Blaster & Ikari Warriors on the 7800?


Also, how would you rate them? I use a system of 4 choices (From Best to Worst):

Hall of Fame Game (Top 5 game on the system)

Solid Game

"Meh" Game

Trash Game (Bottom 5 game on the system)

These games will be covered on Episode 25

You can also e-mail text or audio to atari7800podcast@aol.com

If you get it in by Friday, it should make the show, but late submissions sometimes get squeezed in too, so send it even if it's late.

Just keep it family friendly :)

You can also send feedback on previously covered games or the system itself.

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Ikari Warriors - Solid +. Not quite Hall of Fame for me, but it's close. Love the two player action and it's a long vertically scrolling adventure. Graphics could be a bit better, but still quite good. Love the animated intro. I prefer Commando for graphics, sounds, hidden areas and intermission but Ikari's a hoot. I'm normally pretty tough on Imagineering/Absolute Entertainment games, but they did a good job on this.


One thing that always puzzled me though: Why did Colonial Cook simply not stomp his way out of captivity? ;-)


Barnyard Blaster. Meh. Kind of a generic Duck Hunt. Played it once or twice when I got it cheap from O'Sheas and never bothered again.

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I played the arcade Ikari Warriors and the 2600 Ikari Warriors, the latter for the 2600 HSC. Neither one impressed me. I don't have the 7800 Ikari Warriors, but somehow I have a feeling that if neither the 2600 nor the arcade version impressed me, then the 7800 version would be a "meh" from me.


As for Barnyard Blaster...well, I literally just got that last night....maybe I'll do a recording of myself playing for the first time for ya!

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As an aside, I got Ikari Warriors sent to me by Atari as part of the "Atari Advantage" program. I clipped the barcodes from a bunch of boxes (Some of which weren't Atari Corp Atari 7800 titles) and thought i'd see if it worked. I gave them a list of games I wanted ... and Ikari Warriors wasn't actually on that list. At the time, i was hardcore trying to get Commando, Alien Brigade, Scrapyard Dog and Midnight Mutants.


They did send a game, but it was Ikari Warriors. I didn't complain though, since I didn't entirely fulfill the requirements haha

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Barnyard Blaster - Meh

Ikari Warriors - Solid


Barnyard is a game that I want to like more, but ultimately just can't get into. Nice that they included different stages, but something still seems to be missing... oh yeah, ACTION! Is there ever more than 1 moving target on any of the stages? Would have been more fun had the old farmer thrown 2-3 bottles up in the air at once. And more critters simultaneously running about the barn and cornfield. The static bottle screen is good old fashioned target practice, but gets old quick. Probably would have liked Barnyard Blaster better back then, but today it's just "meh".


Ikari Warriors is a little tougher and slower paced than Commando. Sort of a "crawler" comparatively as you have to give your steps more careful thought. It's a different enough game that way, which helps with the replay value IMO.

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Barnyard Blaster: "Meh" A bit on the easy side for me and it doesn't provide a real challenge. The Bonus Stage with the old man throwing the bottles to shoot at is a cool touch but it would be better if it was a few at a time. Pales to Nintendo's Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley, and Wild Gunman plus the Master System's Safari Hunt.


Ikari Warriors: "Solid" (damn short of Hall of Fame material) A great run and gunner. The 7800 version is great but I like the NES version the best. It is Commando with a notch up in difficulty. If the graphics were a little sharper and smoother. It would have got "Hall of Fame" written on it. Still a fun game.

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