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Atari 2600 Vader PAL what voltage on RF modulator PINs?


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I'm new, but for a long time I browse this forum. Now decided to set up an account here.


I have common problem with RF signal from my Atari 2600. I just removed RF Modulator box, because i want to do an composite signal modification.


On some pages describing that mod i should get +5V from PIN 3 of the RF box pinouts. I have nothing there, even with box installed it gaves me maximum +0,4V and was slowly decreasing...


On PIN 4 i have constant +1V (with and without RF box installed), but if i switch off and on rapidly, that value sometimes changes from 0,7 to 1,5V and is constant as long as i don't turn power switch off. If i turn on normally, then here is always +1V.


On PIN 5 theres +5V when "channel" switch is set to 3, and 0V when channel 2



Can u tell me why is there so weird voltages on pin 3 and 4?

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