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Musings of the White Lion - Emotional Issues


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Well, it seems I am having some emotional issues right now. I just realized I was misreading posts on a topic I started and was getting into a odd, sarcastic mood. Part of my issue is that my sleep is messed up again and I am not getting the rest I need before work each day. You can also say I am frustrated and tired of the town I live in. I love old buildings and such, but Dover, Ohio is a bad place to live if you like older structures. Our mayor got re-elected for a record 7th term and he is a typical boomer with his mentality set back in the 50's and 60's. That means he is trying to sweep away everything and recreate the town in his own image. Most of the oldest, canal part of town was destroyed in the late 60's and this guy has been systematically erasing the rest of it since he started into office in 1991. He demolished the 1850's brewery that the fire department wanted to restore and now almost all the little canal houses are gone so he can build his ego park down by the river. I have to drive that route every day to work and it sickens me anymore, adding to my building frustration. Yes, I now hate my home town. :(
But, some of my emotional issues do stem from my panic/anxiety disorder and that has been bugging me too. Sometimes I think I need to move myself and my family out of this area and find a fresh start somewhere else where there is better opportunity, but the money isn't there to do so. Even if I was to sell off everything I owned, I still wouldn't have the money for us to move.
So, sorry for my odd turns here of late. Hopefully I can get myself back on the right track here soon. Better sleep at night will go a long way towards helping that, but since I work in retail, I keep odd hours.

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