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Xenon II - Megablast! (Bitmap Brothers) - Jaguar Port


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Here is the first teaser for the upcoming release with the replacement audio track. The audio is not final, and the hiss is from my recording (sorry) - but it will give you an idea of the direction the new soundtrack is going in.


The new music has been provided by the Atari Musical Megastar - Five'o'Five.




The plan is to finalize the audio, send a .ROM off to Mr Bitmap for final approval, and then announce it available for sale. There will be only a single run of this release, and currently we have no firm release date. Finger's crossed we can get this finished and cleared quickly and made available to everyone.


Omf and Gaz can fill you in on anything regarding the carts/boxes as they are kindly doing the production for this run.


...and... discuss.

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Great job! Didnt play that game back in the day but i will try to get it indeed.

BTW that 10 to 0 count al start of Stage is something present in original game?


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Yep, when it says "LOADING LEVEL X" its... loading level X.

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And while waiting for level to load you can enjoy the space travel for 10 seconds... (back in the day, with Win95, I had my face really close to the space travel screen saver and imagine me being in hyper space next to Han Solo. I felt like I was somebody on my way to do something important... [false ofc])

It's a cool game that makes such a nice sparse look with only gray and bronze brown, it sure looks nice this game. This game is definitely the *thing* 2016 imo!

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