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Good. The ants now have a place to roam around in the video game I'm making for the Jaguar. This is the in-game screen:

You'll notice I added a score in. This took a few hours to do. Same with trying to put in the table. What I wanted was the whole table top, but my stupid computer kept zooming into the picture, and with no way to make it stop, I decided to give up and just let this be it. Also, I am wanting a title screen song. I want a recording of someone besides me saying the word "ants." I have an idea for a song, but my voice isn't good enough. This Jaguar programming is making me wish I had a way to test it on my Jaguar. And also, I remembered to save the last working code I have. It took a while to remember what I did last. But it wasn't my fault. I was trying to enter the score, but the keypad stopped working when I put the text layer back in. So after a while, what worked was moving the text layer to a different spot in the rapinit.s file.

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