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Identifying this Atari Portfolio system


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I know this is not an A8 machine, but I am not sure where else to ask this question:

Has anyone seen/know anything about this Atari Portfolio system? I mean it is obviously a Portfolio, but it is branded "Beacon PQ1000" and the serial attachment is for use with "a Beacon Sense module 03A." I think it might be slightly different than the Atari Serial Port, but not sure.


ANy info would be appreciated. Google searches that I have done are not helpful.










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I found this from the FCC ID, which is more of general interest than specific to this device: https://fccid.io/EBAHPC-004


Beacon Light Products apparently had a web site at beacon-light.com but it is now defunct.


That's all I've found so far.

Thanks for the FCC information, I did not have that. Very interesting!


Yeah, the website was a dead end for me as well. Hmm, well, I will keep looking. I would love to know how it interfaced with devices from this company. I have a 128M card, but the battery is long since dead and any attempts to access it without formatting it result in a "Abort/Ignore/Retry"

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It probably isn't much help, but beacon-light.com was archived by the Internet Archive at https://web.archive.org/web/20050915000000*/http://beacon-light.com.


The later captures don't seem to work, but the one in 2005 and some earlier ones do. Nothing Atari Portfolio specific though, the site only mentions their (at the time) current products. There is a page of contact details, you might get lucky.



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Hmm, Atari Portfolio (originaly DIP Pocket PC, DIP Research Ltd) has Dip DOS 2.11. This one has <2, so - I think, that not only Atari made DIP Pocket on licens and that it is 100% compatible, but - maybe in other programs in ROM memory.



No, this one has DIP DOS 2.11, the version is 1.072 which I think is the same as the public Atari release.

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