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Turbo Freezer 2005 not working?


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Matthias, maybe you can help. My freezer does not work anymore (5 years not plugged in) and I tried to flash it and does not matter if FL switch is open or closed... When I press red button no menu appears and attached screenshot when I run flash.com


When I have a cart insert in the freezer it does hang my 130xe weather it's Rescue on Fractalus XE cart or my Spartados x cart flashed on a atarimax 8mbit cart.

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It may also be the connector on the 130XE.

Try it a couple of times, push it in and take it out. That may clean the connector a bit.

Also I found that sometimes the Freezer should not be pushed in all the way, but stop just 1 mm before the end.


On the freezer connector there may also be some dirt.

Try rubbing it clean with an erazor-rubber. (Radiergummi in German)

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I remember it requires +5V on the respective pins of the expension board (46/48 I think) which are NOT there by default in most XE/XL machines.

The 65 Xe might have it/be modified in that regard.
Do you take +5V from the Joystick port with the separate cable?

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Works now.... Seems connectors... Freezer works, old carts, XE carts... Only atarimax flashcart seems to have issues with this machine... But I flashed Sparta dos x on the freezer so that works, too. Never used that feature... :) damned emulators... You totally forget how to use real metal ;)

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