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I have a box in my loft with my old assembler source code for my games.. I'm intrigued if they will still read (they are over 30 years old but been kept pretty well). What's the easiest way to get a 5.25" floppy reader and assembler env these days?


WUDSN IDE is a Eclipse add-in for Atari 6502 assembly development that integrates with ATASM, MADS and XASM cross assemblers and lets you test the result in various emulators.



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@Ely: I'm in Bedfordshire, and by looks so are you !!

Haha, indeed I am. Where in the county are you? If you want any help in transferring your disks to the PC I have a working 1050 Happy Drive and an AtariMax SIO2USB device. So shout if you want any help.

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