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Anniversary Covers/Opinions wanted


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I saw a Yahoo news story that was discussing the anniversary's of certain video games and consoles, and got to do a bit of backtracking

of other related information.

This is what I found for 2016:

Nintendo/N64 20th Anniversary

Atari Jr. 30th " " '

Sega Master 30th " " "


And from last year:

NES 30th

Sega Saturn 20th

Commodore Vic 20 35th

Atari 7800 30th

We have already offered NES and 7800 Anniversary covers, that were well received. So, the question is of the consoles listed, which

ones would you have interest in?

Keep in mind that there would need to be sufficient interest to even consider making them available.

Would having a numbered cover make it any more desirable?

Am I missing any other popular makes?

Thank you for any input.

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We have not done the Saturn yet.

As far as the 7800 and the NES that we have offered, depending on interest they could be made available again.

Feel free to post here, with the anniversary cover(s) you would like to see, and that way I have a better idea of interest.

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