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ISO: TI Manual hunt...


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Looking for the following TI software Manuals/instruction sheets...


TI branded:


- Alligator Mix

- Equations

- Computer Math Games II

- Facemaker

- Multiplication 1

- Story Machine

- Reading Flight

- Reading On

- Reading Roundup

- Scholastic Spelling 3

- Scholastic Spelling 5

- Sneggit

- Fathom

- Weight Control and Nutrition



Now the ones that people are less likely to give up if they have them (but figure I'd better ask anyway)...


Scott Foresman White Label (looking for color graphic covers, not the generic white covers)


- Number Bowling

- Frog Jump




- Henhouse

- Driving Demon




- Jungle Hunt

- PacMan


I'm in Canada, so take that into consideration if you feel uncomfortable shipping across the border (not as uncomfortable, I'd wager, as I feel at paying the outrageous exchange rates of late)

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Hardcopy? (then maybe via ebay)


Softcopy? (then look at IUC TI-99/4A Italian user club, Ciro is archiving many items, including manuals)

and I believe FTP.WHTECH has many manuals online as well, and there are more locations where softcopy

manuals are located.


I have the full collection of TI-branded manuals in digital format, but those are just methadone...


Looking for the originals to satisfy my voracious collector addiction. (which, like any addiction, is never satisfied by substitutes)

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