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Classic US gaming/computing magazines - REQ FOR HELP


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I am the webmaster of the CreatiVEmu website - the main resource on the web, totally devoted to the VTech CreatiVision gaming console.


I am looking for some lucky owner of the magazines listed below, that is willing to contribute the CreatiVEmu website by submitting high resolutions scans.


The magazines can all be found online, but unfortunately the scans are at very low resolution, not good for my preservation project.


Every contributor will be credited on the CreatiVEmu website.


This is the list:


Billboard, October 1982 (about the copyright controversy)
Radio Electronics, February 1983
COMPUTE!, March 1983
InfoWorld, March 1983
Creative Computing, April 1983
Byte Magazine, May 1983
Popular Mechanics, August 1983


Thanks for your time!

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Where are you located?


If there is a large public or academic library nearby, copies of some of these magazines may be available. I have definitely seen complete (or nearly so) runs of Byte, Creative Computing, and Billboard magazine in major Canadian library collections. Presumably some American libraries would hold these titles as well.


It may be more difficult to find Popular Mechanics, Radio Electronics, and the others.

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Billboard 2nd October 1982, the article concerning the copyright controversy between Atari and HK manufacturers of videogames (Video Technology).


URL: https://books.google.com.au/books?id=giQEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PT87&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false


Unfortunately I am located in Sydney. I dont think I can find original paper copies of the US magazines here :(

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I assume that you are in Sydney, Australia (rather than Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada).


Byte, Creative Computing, and Compute! are all held by the State Library of NSW and the University of Sydney Library, both located in Sydney.


Billboard is available at the State Library of NSW.


Some other Australian libraries have holdings as well.


The date range of the specific holdings is not listed in WorldCat, but a quick phone call (or visit) should address that question.


I did not check for the other titles, but this should get you started.


Never underestimate libraries or the power of librarians! :)

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